Box Builds 

At Cable First we have been creating Box Builds for over 20 years, thus we can use our expertise to produce them at all levels of complexity. Our years of experience mean we can make Box Builds to your exact requirements/specifications. Our In-house experts and design capabilities can help offer advice to optimise your design, as well as, suggesting and sourcing alternative compatible components to help reduce overall costs for both parties.  

Our Box Build Capabilities

  • Design Improvements 

  • Sourcing of Components 

  • Prototyping 

  • Installation of PCBs

  • Other modules or subassemblie​s

  • Assembly 

  • Labelling/Serialisation 

  • Full testing facilities

  • Product configuration

  • Warehousing

  • After-market service


Cable First is capable of being your complete solution provider through all stages of production, as well as, full procurement of parts within each box build. Our box-build service aims to meet our customer’s demands, in terms of reliability and meeting expectations, helping our customers reduce their manufacturing cycles and gain a competitive edge.