Injection Moulding 


Cable First's mould shop consists of a variety of different machines, that cover the whole spectrum of injection moulding. Through our continuous investment program we are always looking for the best new technology in the field, meaning we can help and assist with almost any potential project. 


Our automated handling capabilities mean our operations can run non stop 24hrs a day if required. This allows us to be flexible with our customers in order to meet their production schedules and requirements. 

The versatility of injection moulding is facilitated by this breadth of design considerations and possibilities. At Cable First we have full in-house design capabilities, with skilled team of toolmakers and CAD designers at our disposal. Meaning our dedicated design team can work with your designers and discuss your design proposals, and then using 3D design software create your specific mould tool. 

Making us your full solution provider, for all stages of production.