Cable Assembly 

Cable first has been providing cable assembly solutions for over 30 years, and have vast amount of knowledge and expertise in this field. Most of the production is prepared using the latest fully automated cable processing systems which ensure repeatability and product quality. Due to our machine diversity both small and large volume production can be achieved, and with a competitive price for the customer.

Our Technologies/Capabilities - 


  • Automated wire cut, strip and crimping/twist & tin 

  • Overmoulds 

  • Ultrasonic Welding

  • Soldering - Both fully automated & hand soldering

  • Spin Riveting

  • Printing Identification/ laser etching 

  • In house tool making facility 

  • In house CAD Designers for Customers Project Design Work

  • High Voltage Insulation Testing for Military products

  • Full automatic testing facilities

Over the years we have produced cable assemblies for nearly every major industry. 


Having this vast experience over so many operations we have found this invaluable when trying to help customers with designing their products and we have on so many occasions introduced our customers to these different types of processes and found many times we can give a customer an improved design with good cost reduction so both parties win.


Let's Connect... 

For all your current and future projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

We are happy to discuss all your project requirements and specifications, our In-house experts and design capabilities mean we can help offer advice to optimise your design, through from product concept, R&D, prototype testing, final assembly and product. Making us your full solution provider, for all stages of production.


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