Low Pressure Moulding 

Cable First has been low pressure moulding (LPM) to the highest quality for over 10 years, and has continually invested in the latest machines and technologies. This means customers can trust us with outsourcing their LPM requirements, reducing their manufacturing times and costs. 

Low Pressure Moulding (LPM) allows parts to be moulded at lower pressures, this means electronic components (such as PCB's) can be encapsulated. 


This helps control the environment of the components, protecting against moisture, dust dirt and vibration. The LPM process is constructed in your desired shape/design, creating a perfectly sealed and protected product, which can be immediately tested in-house. 

Our experience means we can give advice on the parameters of your product, such as; temperature range, dimensions, materials, and general design. Cable Firsts dedicated design team can then work with your designers and discuss your proposals, and then using 3D design software create a mould tool set completely in-house.

​   Our Low Pressure Moulding capabilities; 


  • Complete in-house mould tool design capabilities 

  • Can run both high and low volume production 

  • PCB Encapsulation 

  • Full testing facilities 

  • LPM can be used as a substitute for epoxy potting processes (of which we offer as well)