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Using SolidWorks 3D design software we are able to work directly with the customer at the initial design stage, with the help of our engineers and toolmakers; we are able to design and develop your product in the most cost effective way, bringing the product to market faster. The latest machining and tool making methods, we are able to design and manufacture complex tooling with both great quality and accuracy.

After customer design approval we can proceed with manufacture, using our in house facilities:

  • Prototyping

  • CNC machining

  • Conventional machining

  • Tool making

  • Injection moulding  

As well as designing and manufacturing your tool, we can also produce your product for you; in both small and large quantities. Using our automated production facilities we can put the whole package together from start to finish, to meet any customer needs.

For images and more information please look at our tool and mould design brochure -

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