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Our state of the art cable manufacturing facility in Blanford Forum, Dorset, is equipped with all the latest machinery and technology. Using the latest computer software and techniques, we can help create you a cable through all stages of production “from concept to cable”. From the initial drawing of the cable through to the final production. Providing a full data sheet to give you the confidence that it will exactly meet your specifications. 

Example Specification; 


  • Neutrally Buoyant

  • Positively Buoyant

  • Dynamic

  • Depth ratings to 1,000 Bar

  • Cold Flex to -60°C

  • Maximum Operating Temperatures to 150°C

  • Minimum Bend Radii

  • Tailored Break Strengths

  • Data pair performance

  • Voltage Ratings

  • Volt drop and current Ratings

Our Cabling Capabilities

We have a wide range of production resource to build your cable using the latest techniques and materials from initial core insulation right the way up to the print on final jacket.   


  • Insulation 0.60mm – 25.00m

  • Void filling belts

  • Sheathing 4mm – 60mm

  • Twinning / Bunching

  • Planetary Cabling

  • Braiding

  • Serving

  • Armouring

  • Customer specific text and logo printing

  • Meter marking

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