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Cable First now has recently installed a new fiber laser marking machine, for high quality etching on small-to-medium sized parts. This new service that we can offer allows you to apply permanent, high quality markings on your products/components. Laser marking is the perfect solution for creating better brand exposure and greater traceability of your products. 

Capabilities of Laser Etching 

  • Ultra precision marking 

  • Rotational laser head allows 360 degree marking 

  • Engravings on virtually every material 

  • Enhanced Branding

  • Anti-counterfeiting

  • Serialisation

  • Permanent marking

  • Lifetime traceability

At Cable First we pride ourselves on being able to offer the very best customer service, offering all stages of production, from product concept, to final manufacture. Our aim is to produce high quality products, while being able to offer services (like laser engraving) to add extra value to our customers products,  creating a competitive edge.  

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